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How to Treat Cough?

Cough is a very common illness and we use to take some medicine from market in case we severely suffer from it. But we might not know that we can cure cough through many vegetables. Here are few of its home remedies;



*You can drink 30 grams of ginger juice for 3 times in a day. Do this till 10 days. Avoid eating things which are tart in taste and avoid eating curd during these 10 days. It is very curable for cough and asthma.

*Take 1 glass of milk, add sugar and boil 12 grams of ginger in it. Strain and then drink for the cough relief.

*Add jaggery in ghee and make it hot. Now when they mix well, add 12 grams of ginger powder in it. This is a whole food. By having it in empty stomach will get relief from cough and flu.  



*Cook 62 grams of mustard oil and add some cloves of garlic in it. After its cool rub it on neck and chest for cough relief. *You can also make a mixture of garlic and pomegranate juice by just adding a few drops of garlic juice in the later one. Avoid eating sour food.  

*Add currant with ginger and lick it for 3 times a day.


Fenugreek seeds:

Make a juice of fenugreek seeds by adding 4 spoonsful of it in water and turn off the stove after half of water left in it. Now strain and drink while It remains warm.



Mix turmeric in warm water with salt and drink it for cure of cough.

Try sucking small piece of turmeric so to avoid cough.


Black pepper:

Mix black pepper in rock sugar it will also clears mouth.



During cough make a tea made up of mint add some salt in it.



If you have cough because of cold, then boil a glass of water add 4 spoons of oil and rock sugar with same quantity then turn off stove when half amount of water stays. Drink these all three times a day.



Boiling turnip in water and add sugar will also do well in cough.



In one glass of water add 20-gram wheat with 9-gram salt and boil it. Turn off stove while water left just one third of it. Now strain it and drink. Doing this till seven days will end cough.



Add black pepper and salt on top of lemon and then sucking it will also beneficial during cough.



If you have severe cough, then drink coffee without milk.



Take juice of spinach and warm it and then gargling will give ease in cough.



If cough irritates you very often then add a piece of baked turmeric in betel and eat it.

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